Our Partnerships


CBI and Knoll truly perform as a team. Since Knoll’s founding in 1938, design integrity has been a guiding principle for the organization. With the corporate tagline of “Good Design is Good Business,” Knoll’s commitment to innovation and modern design is evident in their comprehensive portfolio of furniture products and textiles designed to provide enduring value and help clients shape their workspaces with imagination and vision.

CBI’s philosophy of “workplace matters” aligns directly with Knoll’s guiding principle “good design is good business,” and sets the groundwork for us to provide our clients with strategic, lasting products and services.


CBI and DIRTT work together to create customizable, sustainable, architectural interior solutions to fit our clients’ business needs by integrating seamlessly into their work environments. Offering an innovative and green alternative to conventional construction, CBI and DIRTT provide unique products that fit any work environment.

Environmentally sustainable, unique and highly responsive, CBI and DIRTT interiors contribute to a high functioning green work environment for your business that results in a long-lasting physical space that adapts to your culture and on-going strategy.