Last week, CBI Associates and Leadership Team Members attended the Wells Fargo Championship with clients and coalition partners. CBI has been a long-term supporter of the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina and uses it as an opportunity to build new and existing relationships with clients, Associates, and industry partners. 

Connie Engelbrecht, CBI’s Director of Client and Community Engagement organized participation in the event and attended herself. 

“There are three primary reasons we commit to this event every year. First, we believe it is important to contribute to the economic impact the Wells Fargo Championship has on our city. It is one of the largest sporting events we host in Charlotte annually, and CBI recognizes the growth opportunities it offers the Queen City. Second, there are several charities that benefit from this event including Teach for America and First Tee, both organizations that CBI supports. And finally, it is a wonderful opportunity for us to make connections and build upon relationships with our coalition partners, clients and Associates in a beautiful atmosphere outside of the office.” 

This year, over the course of five days, CBI entertained 124 individuals from 47 different companies within five states. Attendees enjoyed watching their favorite golfers pass through from the Green Mile Club, the Club House and Event Lawn and the Executive Club. Extra precautions were taken due to COVID-19 and social distancing, increased sanitization practices and masks were required when walking the course. 

Charlis Brock, EVP and Market Executive at CBI, says, “This was the first larger event we have been able to attend as an organization since the pandemic began last March. It was wonderful to spend quality time with our industry partners and Associates from other CBI locations. Everyone really enjoyed their time on the course, and it offered a great opportunity for us to continue supporting our local community in Charlotte.”

David Longo, Founder, Chairman & CEO of CBI says, “CBI has attended the Wells Fargo Championship for many years and it is an event we will continue to support in the future. Not only does it offer great opportunities for relationship building and networking, but it is truly a unique event for our city and one that has become a distinctive part of the Charlotte culture.”