CBI Charleston Celebrate 100 Years of Florence Knoll

Florence Knoll, born on May 24th, 1917, helped revolutionize the way we look at office furniture today. With her architectural background and design flair she succeeded in bringing along the best architects and expanding their work into interior design. With her vision for the new office with clean open-plan layouts and uncluttered spaces she was able to change the way people look at office furniture today. This year, in 2017, marks 100 years of life for Florence, and it’s amazing how her designs from the 50s and 60s have remained timeless classics even in this day and age.

What better way to appreciate such longevity and success of one extraordinary woman than by having a celebration. On July 27th CBI Charleston and Knoll hosted a party for our clients and coalition partners to celebrate Florence Knoll and all of her historic accomplishments. There was a CEU before the party reflecting on all of her work and designs, to get a feel for her revolutionary design and impact on our industry.  The party was a great success allowing our clients and partners to intermingle in honor of such a fantastic woman, we even were able to raffle off a few hairpin tables that were brought back into production by Knoll in honor of her 100th birthday.

We should all be very thankful of the impact that Florence has had not only on the industry itself but the way we work together as a whole. As she famously stated “Good Design is Good Business.”flo small