CBI's Response to COVID-19

Since its inception in 1993, CBI Workplace Solutions has always been an organization built on service and transparency. No matter the situation, we strive to provide superior solutions for our clients while also maintaining the integrity of our associates. Our response to COVID-19 has been no different. 

Our mission throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and at all times, is to guarantee the safety of our associates while ensuring we are able to continue the important work our clients so greatly depend on for their workplace needs. As a result, we have put in place a variety of measures to keep our work moving while making sure our teams are protected, whether they are in the office, on jobsites or within the community on our behalf. Our Field Operations Team has been actively engaged with our internal associates and external partners throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to educate, train, and execute on the appropriate response requirements to achieve this mission. 
We wanted to take a moment to share with you the actions of our response. Below is a summary of the work we are doing, internally and externally, to respond to this event and to achieve our mission of being the premier workplace solutions provider:

Internal Response:

  • We continue to monitor the CDC and local government recommendations and deploy those within our teams across all markets
  • All CBI Field Operations associates are equipped with and required to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning materials
  • We developed a stable supply chain pipeline to keep PPE items stocked for the foreseeable future
  • Daily meetings stress the importance of following general contractor instructions regarding jobsite social distancing protocols
  • We are highly sensitive to keeping the jobsite clear of debris that could impact workers’ abilities to social distance
  • We are wiping down all work surfaces each day to reduce the spread of germs

External Partnerships:

  • We are in constant contact with our clients to understand their current environment and shifting needs as organizations prepare for re-entry into the workplace
  • We partnered with over 100 members of the construction industry to form the Charlotte Commercial Construction Coalition (4C) to share best practices and updates related to COVID-19 and other industry issues
    • This Coalition is led by Marcus Rabun at Myers Chapman with regular engagement from large, medium and small general contractors and subcontractors
    • Coverage includes PPE, jobsite protocols, supply chain, labor force, and restrictions on work
  • We have daily engagements with our key manufacturing partners -- Knoll and DIRTT -- to understand operational statuses and any internal or external constraints that may impact our service 
  • We developed relationships with PPE providers across the country to help de-risk the impact of potential shortages in our markets 

At CBI Workplace Solutions we remain committed to the safety of our associates, our clients and our Coalition partners as we tackle this pandemic head on. As conditions on the ground change, we are committed to adapting our response and partnering with one another to make sure everyone can continue to provide our essential services in a safe and productive way.