Digital Component Construction and How It’s Changing the Built Environment

Digital Component Construction is a relatively new technology in the world of workplace design that is quickly changing the way we look at the built environment. Digital Component Construction allows organizations to change their space quickly and efficiently without the mess or cost of conventional construction. A simple solution that combines proven interior construction methods with next-generation technology to build beautiful, high-performing and cost-effective environments, Digital Component Construction follows the same process as conventional construction but offers many benefits that conventional construction does not. 

What are the benefits of Digital Component Construction?

  1. Speed – Creating a space utilizing Digital Component Construction has been proven to be 40% faster than conventional construction. Gone are the days pushing back construction timelines due to project delays.
  2. Consistency & Quality – Digital Component Construction offers a variety of fit and finishes that allow for limitless design possibilities and unparalleled precision. Whether an organization is looking for standard finish options or to create a custom design that fits with their brand, Digital Component Construction offers consistency and quality on all fronts.
  3. Agility & Flexibility – Because of its agility and flexibility, the components of Digital Component Construction can be repurposed to create a variety of aesthetics. This gives organizations the ability to easily modify their space and adapt to changing needs at a moment’s notice.
  4. Cutting-edge Technology – Digital Component Construction uses an industry standard software in the cloud to create untold efficiencies in the design, manufacturing and construction processes. It collects and manages all project information and feeds the appropriate data to the appropriate industry standard software, providing a much-needed technology solution for the global conventional construction industry. This technology ensures fewer mistakes and much more precision then we see with conventional construction.
  5. Competitive Costs – The cost of Digital Component Construction is competitive to conventional construction, and often provides cost savings over the life the product as change occurs and the same materials are repurposed.

These are just a few of the benefits of Digital Component Construction, although there are many others. 

Charlis Brock, EVP and Market Executive for CBI says, “We are seeing more and more of our clients take advantage of the benefits of Digital Component Construction. Our Interior Construction Team works with our clients to create customizable, sustainable interior solutions that fit their unique needs and integrate seamlessly into their work environments. Our Digital Component Construction partner, Falkbuilt, is leading the industry in digital building and design interior construction solutions for commercial and office, healthcare, education and post-COVID clean spaces. This partnership allows us to enhance the built environment in ways we would have never imagined before.” 

Learn more about CBI and our Interior Construction solutions here and how we are helping clients in every industry enhance their built environments.