Digital Component Construction, A Leading Solution for Healthcare Spaces

Image provided by Falkbuilt

Digital Component Construction has quickly become a leading construction solution for many healthcare organizations looking to maximize the efficiency of their space, keep costs down and ensure a superior patient experience. Today’s healthcare organizations face various challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining new business. These challenges include: 

  • Changing demographics
  • Multiple delivery models; moving from in-person visits to online
  • Challenges in investing in and implementing the newest technologies
  • Increased competition with patients having more choice and selections in care
  • Uncertainty in traditional healthcare techniques and more

Because of these challenges, it has become more and more important for healthcare organizations to create warm, inviting environments that are clean, efficient and technology focused. Digital Component Construction can help eliminate many of these challenges as it allows organizations to improve aesthetics in traditional or clinical spaces, supports the implementation of newer technologies and reduces downtime for construction on existing facilities. This means healthcare organizations can begin operating again more quickly than they would if utilizing conventional construction methods to alter their space. 

In additon to being more cost efficient and faster than conventional construction, CBI’s Interior Construction Team can help clients find products that are more cleanable and resistant to bacteria than most conventional construction materials. Our Digital Component Construction partner, Falkbuilt, has an extensive portfolio of durable, beautiful and cleanable surface materials that are applied in the factory, seamlessly sealing millwork, extrusions and other surfaces, and providing the IPC requirement for common healthcare sterilization procedures. Their standard Falkskin line is naturally hydrophobic and is constructed to withstand the effects of the aggressive cleaners and disinfectants usedby healthcare professionals across North America. Falkskin is shown to have no discoloration or damage to the finish when cleaned and disinfected with cleaning products commonly used in healthcare spaces. 

Last month we told you about the flexibility Digital Component Construction offers business organizations. This flexibility workss the same way for healthcare organizations. Creating a space utilizing Digital Component Construction makes it adjustable for change in delivery models or seasonal changes. And changing your spaces doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like with conventional construction. 
Healthcare providers have been at their busiest over the last two years. Find out how CBI and our Interior Construction Team can provide solutions to best benefit your healtcare space, achieve your organization's business goals and make life a little easier for your patients and providers.