CBI Welcomes Falkbuilt to Our Interior Construction Portfolio

We are pleased to announce that CBI | Workplace Solutions is in the process of adding Falkbuilt to our Interior Construction portfolio. Falkbuilt’s unique digital construction methodology will complement our existing manufacturer partners. CBI | Workplace Solutions remains committed to leveraging our experience to source the most innovative solutions to serve our clients. 

Falkbuilt has developed an innovative concept-to-completion digital manufacturing model that will allow us to serve clients in areas that our current offerings do not. Our Associates are completing a comprehensive training program and will be available to answer any questions our clients have by early-October. In the interim, our Associates can direct clients to a select group of our leadership team who can assist in any short-term requirements. 

We are excited to welcome the Falkbuilt team to the CBI family. Learn more about Falkbuilt by visiting their website at www.falkbuilt.com.