CBI & The Live Love Serve Foundation Support HopeWay in Creating a Mental Health Treatment Program for Veterans


CBI and the Live Love Serve Foundation have been strong supporters of HopeWay, a non-profit behavioral health treatment facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, since they began serving clients in 2016. HopeWay offers residential and day treatment programs to adults struggling with mental illness and works with clients to develop unique treatment plans to meet their individual needs and goals. HopeWay’s program includes individual psychiatric care and therapy, as well as group work and exposure to integrative therapies, such as art, music, nutrition, yoga, and so much more. 

David Dooley, CBI’s Chief Strategy Officer, was a member of HopeWay’s founding Board and introduced the organization to CBI and the Live Love Serve Foundation. Through the relationship with CBI and David Dooley, HopeWay was also introduced to the Blue Angels Foundation (BAF), a non-profit with the goal of reducing Veteran deaths by suicide. After this initial introduction, the BAF and HopeWay began to talk about ways they could work together to better support each other’s goals. After much collaboration  and in-person visits to the HopeWay campus, an idea was born to create a mental health treatment program at HopeWay that would cater specifically to Veterans. 

In 2018, the BAF hosted an event at HopeWay to raise funds for this combined initiative and subsequent events followed. CBI, the Live Love Serve Foundation and many other individual and corporate sponsors stepped forward to donate money and help provide the foundational funding to build a Veterans Home on HopeWay’s campus.

Dr. Alyson Kuroski-Mazzei, CEO & Chief Medical Officer at HopeWay, says, “When we were introduced to the Blue Angel Foundation through David Dooley, treating Veterans was a dream of ours that we imagined we'd execute sometime further down the road. However, with the support and inspiration of the BAF, CBI and the Live Love Serve Foundation, we seized the opportunity to support our Veterans and build a program more immediately.”

CBI and the Live Love Serve Foundation were in great support of the idea and granted HopeWay a $250,000 gift towards the program. 

David Longo, CBI’s Founder, Chairman and CEO says, “Our organization has always been a big proponent of mental health services and supporting our Veterans. This opportunity with HopeWay allowed us to merge those two passions and really help serve a unique group of people who we are extremely grateful to as they have sacrificed so much to protect us and our country.” 

Through a successful fundraising effort, HopeWay built a house on the HopeWay campus where Veterans in the new program could live while attending treatment. The addition offers not only a comforting home to reside in while going through treatment but also allows fellow Veterans a chance to support each other in the program as they often support each other on the battlefield. 

The Veterans Home and the new program officially opened in January and have had an immediate impact on the first Veterans to go through the program. A psychiatrist and a Major in the Army Reserves, Dr. Justin Johnson heads up the program and is specialized in treating Veterans and common disorders associated with serving in the military. Already, Dr. Johnson and his team are seeing a significant reduction in symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety in those individuals who are participating in the program and the camaraderie and support the Veterans provide each other is unmatched. 

“We are so thrilled to be seeing success with our new Veterans treatment program,” says Dr. Johnson. “There is a great need for quality psychiatric care among this population of men and women. Community partnerships make us stronger, and HopeWay is proud to be serving Veterans as they work to improve their mental health and get to a stronger place in their lives.”

David Dooley says, “Our team at CBI was so honored to help make the Veterans Program and Veterans Home a reality at HopeWay. I believe great things can happen when bringing together organizations with common goals and objectives, and this relationship between HopeWay, the BAF, CBI and the Live Love Serve Foundation is a perfect example of how amazing things can be accomplished when teams put their creative energy, passion and time together.”

Learn more about HopeWay, their services and the new Veterans Program by visiting https://hopeway.org/programs/veterans-program.