In a Time When Flexibility is Everything in the Workplace, Digital Component Construction Offers Innovative Ways to Transform Environments

In a post-pandemic world, flexibility in today’s workplace is more valuable than ever. Businesses are embracing a hybrid workplace that consists of remote and onsite employees, workplace hours are shifting beyond the typical 9 to 5 and work environments are changing often as the type of work and capabilities needed to perform successfully become more fluid.

It used to be that changing a workplace environment was expensive and costly. Thirty years ago, if an organization desired to make changes like adding more meeting rooms or creating a dining/break area for employees to enjoy, they would have to hire a general contractor who used conventional construction methods to alter the space and make the adjustments. While conventional construction is traditional and effective, there are many more innovative solutions that exist today that can provide the same output at a fraction of the cost.

Digital Component Construction Offers Organizations Flexibility and Choice

Digital Component Construction is a fairly new way of transforming spaces that combines proven methods with next generation technology to create beautiful, cleanable, cost-effective, high-performing and flexible environments.

CBI Interior Construction partners with an off-site manufacturing interior construction company that is pioneering Digital Component Construction and leading the way in creating flexible spaces. Digital Component Construction follows the same onsite building process used in conventional construction but with far fewer materials, a faster schedule and virtually no waste on the job site. There are six simple steps to Digital Component Construction:

1) Your Needs. Your Space. Whether you’re changing existing commercial space, designing a new medical clinic, or refreshing a campus, there are a variety of Digital Component Construction solutions to meet your needs.

2) Design + Support. With a vast collection of standard finishes and fabrics, smart tools including VR and DesignMix, designing to use every inch of an environment is easy.

3) Industry Leading Manufacturing. Each Digital Component Construction solution is manufactured with precision and quality control in our manufacturer partners’ state-of-the-art factory, which gives us and our clients more control over lead times.

4) Smart Delivery. When all your components roll off the factory floor, they are flat packed and stacked for shipping. Trucks are loaded in reverse, so the first item unloaded at the job site is the first item needed to start the build.

5) Seamless Installation. It’s quick, easy, and clean. Installing Digital Component Construction solutions takes a fraction of the time of conventional construction, creates zero dust and virtually no waste.

6) Back to Work Faster Than Ever. With Digital Component Construction you get back to work faster in a higher performance environment that enhances productivity and is ready to adapt to your changing needs.

When organizations develop spaces using Digital Component Construction, they have more flexibility to make short term changes. If in three months after an installation, your organization realizes they need more private offices than huddle rooms, the components of your Digital Component Construction solution can be rebuilt and reused without a lot of cost physical destruction.

CBI’s Interior Construction Division has helped countless organizations in various industries transform their spaces with Digital Component Construction. Learn more about our process and how we can support you by visiting