CBI partners with DIRTT to deliver a new way to build, utilizing prefabricated interior construction techniques which allow you to greatly reduce construction schedules, elegantly embed technology and utilities within your walls, and provide sustainable, clean and adaptable interiors, all within a predictable total cost model equivalent to or better than conventional construction. The result is the delivery of cost, design, and quality certainty to the uncertain world of construction.

Good Design is Good Business

CBI is the premier interior construction provider in the Southeast. We specialize in workplace consulting and office space planning. With locations, across the Southeast, we can support a variety of industries nationally and internationally. Additionally, our partnerships with DIRTT allow us to provide space planning and interior construction solutions to our clients. 

CBI operates on the main principle of striving to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations at every touch. We believe that leveraging the built environment, can have a profound and positive effect on people, processes, and our clients’ business. Our key focus is to add value to our clients’ business, provide growth opportunities for our associates and invest in our communities.

We believe that good design is good business. We believe the workplace matters and that the built environment, when leveraged correctly, can have a profound, positive, effect on people, process and our clients’ business.