Introducing Our New Leadership in Action Series

Since our inception in 1993, CBI Workplace Solutions has been a business focused on serving our clients, Associates, and communities. In fact, we call our corporate philosophy the “Live Love Serve Philosophy.” Our Live Love Serve Philosophy means we:

  • Live life to the fullest by being in the moment and enjoying the journey;
  • Love all those who come into our life, for God has placed them there for a reason; and
  • Serve others with our unique talents, time and treasure to make our world a better place.

CBI Workplace Solutions is grateful and proud to have many leaders within our markets who make it their mission to serve the communities in which they live, work and travel. As a company, we feel it’s important to tell these stories, which is why we are thrilled to introduce a Leadership in Action series on our CBI Blog.

Leadership in Action articles will be posted every two weeks on the blog and will feature a CBI leader who is going above and beyond to give their time, talent and treasure to an organization or cause they are passionate about.

Our first Leadership in Action post will go live Monday, November 2, 2020 and features Charlis Brock, EVP & Market Leader of CBI Workplace Solutions and her work with an organization called Vapor Ministries. You won’t want to miss hearing about this outstanding organization and the good things they are doing for others. Make sure to check back on the blog next Monday to see our first post.