Bowman Still Takes an Active Role in Building Up the City of Greenville


Bowman Still is the CBI Market Leader in our Greenville-Spartanburg location and is responsible for Business Development, Operations, and the overall Management of the CBI Greenville Team. Since stepping into the role of Market Leader, Bowman has made great contributions to the Greenville community while in and out of the office. Bowman volunteers his time with organizations like the March of Dimes and Community Works and even recently participated in the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Greenville program. 

We talked to Bowman about why it’s so important for him to give back to his local community. His full story is below. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about your community involvement.     
Bowman: I am involved in a few different organizations here in Greenville. I sit on a committee for the March of Dimes and help plan one of their biggest fundraising events of the year. I am also a member of an organization called Community Works. Most recently, I graduated from the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Greenville Program in May.  

Q: Wow, it sounds like you keep busy. Tell us more about your involvement with the March of Dimes. 
Bowman: The committee that I sit on for the March of Dimes is responsible for planning the Greenville Real Estate and Economic Development Awards luncheon. The Greenville Real Estate Award pays tribute to a member of the real estate and economic development community who has shown outstanding leadership, vision, and a long history of service to the community. The event is a dynamic celebration with networking, speeches, and a compelling appeal to support the mission of the March of Dimes.

The Greenville Real Estate and Economic Development Awards luncheon is one of the largest events of the year benefitting the March of Dimes and is really a spectacular event to plan. Our committee ensures that tickets and tables are sold and that guests of the event are the right mix of community leaders in the real estate industry and those who truly support the mission of the March of Dimes which is to fight for the health of all moms and babies by educating medical professionals and the public about best practices; supporting lifesaving research; providing comfort and support to families in NICUs; and advocating for those who need us most, moms and babies.

Q: That sounds like a fantastic event. Now tell us about your involvement with Community Works. 
Bowman: I’ve recently become more involved with a local organization in Greenville called Community Works. Community Works is a non-profit, financial organization committed to building a brighter future for underserved families and communities through financial education, lending and investing. I sit on the Board of the Communications and Advocacy Committee and love the work that Community Works does for the people of Greenville. They help those without access to financial assistance secure loans to startup new businesses or find affordable housing. I feel like the Community Works mission truly aligns with CBI’s mission to love and serve and really enjoy my time supporting this organization.

Q: That sounds like quite interesting work. Did your involvement with the Leadership Greenville program tie into some of those themes as well? 
Bowman: Absolutely. I was lucky enough to be selected as participant for the 2020 / 2021 class of the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Greenville program. This flagship program is a ten-month intensive experience where participants work in teams on a volunteer project designed to make us more informed, committed and equipped to be leaders in Greenville County. By taking an intensive look at the issues affecting Greenville County, we were able to provide quality, dynamic and extensive leadership to various communities as a result of our group’s service projects. 

Bowman Still poses for a picture with his Leadership Greenville Class after completing an intense Leadership Greenville Program.

The community service project my team completed was building a new playground for the Judson YMCA Community Center. Judson Mill is an underserved community in downtown Greenville, and the playground that previously existed at this YMCA was outdated and unsafe according to local code. Many families who live in Judson rely on the YMCA Community Center to keep their kids safe and active while they are at work and to provide educational and encouraging after school programs. Rebuilding the playground had been on the YMCA’s list of projects for quite a while and we were really happy that we could lend a helping hand and get this project done for them.

Q: It sounds like you do a lot of work with underserved communities between planning the Real Estate and Economic Development luncheon, your work with Community Works and the Leadership Program. Would you say this is a passion of yours? 
Bowman: I think that the nature of my work and career, with CBI and previously in the construction industry, really makes it easy for me to give back by leveraging the built environment to better serve those in need. I notice I am often drawn to opportunities where I can lend my skillset to repurposing land, building new structures, or strategizing the best use of a space with other community officials. Giving back to underserved communities is an easy way to leverage my knowledge and expertise while doing something good for my community in return.

Bowman Still accepts his Leadership Greenville diploma. 

Q: Why are you personally drawn to giving back? 
Bowman: As I mentioned earlier on, the city of Greenville is growing rapidly and has really seen a lot of positive change in the past decade. I’ve been lucky to be a part of that positive change and I want to keep contributing in a way that helps me play a small part in making the city where I live and work great. Taking care of others is in our nature at CBI, and I think it’s only right to do my best to provide for my community when I can.


We are incredibly proud to have Bowman Still leading the CBI Team in Greenville. Learn more about the March of Dimes, Community Works and Greenville Leadership Program and how to support their missions and join Bowman in giving back to the local community.