Leadership in Action: Cassidy Barnett Gives Her Time, Talent and Treasure to the Chattanooga Community

CBI’s Leadership in Action Series highlights CBI Associates who are true leaders not only at CBI but also in their local communities. These leaders exemplify our Live, Love Serve values every day and are passionate about giving their time, talent and treasure to those that come in and out of their lives. 

This week, we feature Cassidy Barnett who is a true leader in our Eastern Tennessee market. Cassidy started at CBI in 2012 as a Project Manager and quickly worked her way up to a Senior Workplace Consultant for the CBI’s Chattanooga market. In her role, Cassidy manages a number of key accounts and relationships for CBI in both Knoxville and Chattanooga, oversees project strategy and design planning, and supports clients in creating workplace environments that achieve their business goals and objectives.

Outside of the office Cassidy lends her time to the Chattanooga Rotaract where she holds a Board position and also volunteers regularly at her church Calvary Chapel. Cassidy told us more about these organizations and why giving back is so important to her. See below for her full interview.  

Q: Tell us a little bit about your community involvement in Chattanooga. 
Cassidy: Right now, I spend most of my time volunteering with the Chattanooga Rotaract and my church Calvary Chapel. I’ve been involved with Rotaract for the past two years, and this year I took a Board Position as the Service Chair for the organization. 

Additionally, when I moved to Chattanooga, I found a church that welcomed me and helped me grow in my relationship with the Lord. I have made a great effort to be involved with and volunteer regularly at Calvary Chapel. 

Q: What is Rotaract? And what are some of your responsibilities as the Service Chair? 
Cassidy: Rotaract of Chattanooga is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young professionals ages 22 to 35, and its mission is to lead with service above self to create an enhanced environment for the community. Rotaract is directly affiliated with the Downtown Chattanooga Rotary and gives members an opportunity to make a difference while serving the community; enjoy networking opportunities with key community, business, government and civic leaders; and develop leadership skills that allow members to positively impact the direction and future of the city of Chattanooga. 

As the Service Chair, I am responsible establishing relationships with non-profit or charitable organizations in Chattanooga and creating opportunities for members of Rotaract to serve and support these organizations. I then organize volunteer and service events that Rotaract members can attend if they feel drawn to serve. Rotaract is a great blend of service and give back, coupled with business networking and professional development.

Q: Wow, that sounds like such an interesting role. What types of charitable organizations does the Rotaract partner with? 
Cassidy: Since I’ve been in the role, we have partnered heavily with the Chambliss Center for Children and the Lookout Mountain Conservancy. Chambliss Center for Children is an organization that serves children and youth who have been removed from their families and placed in the custody of the State of Tennessee due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect. They offer programs like Child Placement, Early Education & Childcare, offsite Education Programs and more. 

The Lookout Mountain Conservancy is an organization with the mission to protect Lookout Mountain’s scenic, historic and ecological resources through conservation, advocacy, recreation, and education for current and future generations. From Hamilton County, Tennessee to Etowah Count, Alabama, Lookout Mountain Conservancy works to protect significant scenic, historic, and ecological sites by connecting existing conservation areas. 

Rotaract volunteers in many ways with both organizations. We go to and host fundraisers and volunteer days at both Chambliss Center for Children and Lookout Mountain Conservancy. Most recently I organized a trail workday at Lookout Mountain where Rotaract members were able to help clean up some of the trails in our area while networking and learning more about the Conservancy. 

Q: It sounds like you’re the perfect person to be the Service Chair! You also mentioned you volunteer quite a bit at Calvary Church. Tell us a little bit about that. 
Cassidy: I found Calvary Chapel when I first moved to Chattanooga, and it was so refreshing to have a place to grow spiritually and meet like-minded people. Calvary is an incredible ministry that truly loves this city and surrounds its members and our community with God’s love My involvement ranges from volunteering regularly on Sundays with our Guest Services team and co-leading a group of women in bible study each week. I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful church community.

 Q: It sounds like you are truly passionate about giving back. What inspires you personally to give your time, talent and treasure to your local community? 
Cassidy: I’ve always believed that we should support and serve others when we are able. I believe we should serve others similarly to how Christ did. Faith-based organizations have a special place in my heart and my passion for service is why I was so drawn to the Service Chair on the Board at Rotaract. Between fulfilling my role there, volunteering with my church, and working for a company that promotes loving and serving others, I feel extremely blessed to be able to impact and help others when they most need support, kindness and love. 


We are proud to have Cassidy on the CBI team and are inspired by her commitment to live out our Live Love Serve values every day. Thank you, Cassidy for your time today and your service.