Leadership in Action: Clint Barlow Lends His Leadership to the Metro YMCA’s Camp Thunderbird and the Live Love Serve Foundation

This week, CBI is proud to feature Clint Barlow, Senior Vice President of Client Services in our Leadership in Action Series. Clint has been a key player for the CBI Charlotte leadership team for more than 7 years and has had responsibility for mentoring numerous Associates and team members throughout his time with the company. 

Additionally, Clint is very passionate about giving back to the local community of Charlotte which he does through his positions with the Metro YMCA Camp Thunderbird and the Live Love Serve Foundation. We talked to Clint about his roles with these organizations and why he feels it’s so important to support his local community. Read what he said below.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your community involvement. 
Clint: I am currently, actively giving in my community with the Charlotte Metro YMCA’s Camp Thunderbird and with the Live Love Serve Foundation. I am serving as the Board of Directors Chairperson for Camp Thunderbird which is an 85 year-old summer camp just outside of Charlotte that offers environmental based education and summer camp programs to children across the region. I also serve as the CBI Live Love Serve Committee Chair and serve as a volunteer coach for my children’s athletic teams whenever I can. 

Q: How long have you served as the Board of Directors Chairperson for Camp Thunderbird? And what do your responsibilities entail? 
Clint: Camp Thunderbird is one of two YMCA day and resident camps in the region. The camp provides opportunities for kids across the southeast and internationally to experience the outdoors in a Christian environment through summer camp and school-year environmental educational programs. I am in my 6th year as a board member with Camp Thunderbird, and I am currently serving the first of a 2-year commitment as the Board Chair. I work with a talented group of volunteers from various industries and Camp staff to support the initiatives that will help ensure Camp Thunderbird remains a strong a viable camp well into the future.

Q: That sounds like a big job. What initially drove you to start working with Camp Thunderbird? 
Clint: The reason I started volunteering with Camp Thunderbird is because of the kids. I believe all children in our community should have the opportunity to experience attending a summer camp if they are interested. Summer camp offers many opportunities for kids such as camaraderie with their peers, learning and developing new skills, leadership development, making new friends, and the independence that comes with being away from the family for a few weeks. 
Camp Thunderbird works diligently to provide opportunities for camp experiences for all children in the Metro area, even if their families are not able to afford to send their kids to camp. We offer a variety of scholarship programs and do annual fundraising to ensure that we can help those families who need it financially. At camp, children from different backgrounds and places get to experience childhood together in an encouraging, safe environment on the shores of Lake Wylie.

Q: It sounds like Camp Thunderbird offers a great childhood experience to the campers who attend. What do you hope to accomplish in the next year as Board Chair before your term ends? 
Clint:  Well, to start with, I am so proud of the staff at Camp Thunderbird and the innovation that occurred last year heading into summer. The staff worked diligently to develop a plan that would allow Camp to operate in a safe way during the pandemic. They did an amazing job and hosted summer camp without having a single Covid-19 case at camp. Well done.

For the coming year, we have several initiatives with the primary goal to continue the work of past boards by ensuring investments are made at Camp Thunderbird to continue the tradition of serving a diverse group of kids into the future. Initiatives include continued development of the board by recruiting new members that will provide leadership for the future. We are also refreshing the facility master plan to inform decisions based on priorities to enrich the experience for campers and others that come to camp. We also recognize that Camp Thunderbird offers the opportunity for people of all ages to engage at Lake Wylie, and we want to share that experience with others in the right way. 

Volunteering has been a wonderful opportunity for me to help other people but also to form new relationships and friendships with people in my community. There is need in our community, and we are each gifted with unique talents that can be leveraged to help others. By giving of time, talent, and treasure, we can make a difference in the lives of other people.

 Q: It sounds like you’ve really enjoyed your Camp Thunderbird experience. Now tell us a little bit more about your role with the Live Love Serve Foundation.
Clint: The Live Love Serve Foundation is a sister organization to CBI and was started by David Longo, our Founder and CEO. David has a saying that God puts people in our paths for a reason, and after working with David for over 7 years I have come to believe this is statement is true. The purpose of the Live Love Serve Foundation is to lend support, both financially and in volunteerism, to individuals and community organizations with Christian values who need it.

As the Live Love Serve Committee Chair, I serve by helping identify those individuals and community organizations we support. Our committee works to activate our Associates to find ways to get involved in the community with organizations that are meaningful to them. 

Q: What are some of the accomplishments the Live Love Serve Foundation has seen over the last year? 
Clint: CBI Associates have done some great things together. In the last year, we held a sandwich drive for the Roof Above and provided 1,100 hundred sandwiches to those who were hungry. We’ve hosted blood drives and book drives to support organizations like the American Red Cross and Promising Pages. As a company, we have participated in Habitat for Humanity builds and worked at the Second Harvest Food Bank. CBI and the Live Love Serve Foundation just partnered together to extend our commitment to an organization called Vapor Ministries which provides resources and fellowship to those living in extreme poverty. Late last year, a group of associates organized a fund raiser to build a house for a Veteran’s family in southern West Virginia for the Cabwaylingo Appalachian Mission. This summer, a team of CBI Associates will travel there to spend a week to build the home for the family. These types of activities are occurring on a regular basis in all CBI markets, and it’s just amazing to see how much of an impact we can have in the communities where CBI operates.

Additionally, CBI Associates raise money each year for the Live Love Serve Foundation to support causes that are important to our communities. Some of the money raised funds the CBI Associate Support Initiative which provides financial support to help CBI Associates when they need a helping hand. When Associates find themselves in a difficult financial situation, the Live Love Serve Foundation can provide needed support through a grant or loan depending on the circumstances along with other support as needed. Examples might include an unexpected medical event or financial aid with a spouse being out of work. It’s great to work for a company where Associates care for one another. 

Q: The Live Love Serve Foundation sounds like a unique organization that does a lot of good. What would you say inspires you personally to give back? 
Clint: Throughout my life I’ve received help at different points along the way. I’ve been given gifts that have helped me grow and learn, and it’s important to me to help others. God gave me the skills I have, and I just want to share them with others. I also believe strongly in a sense of community, and the way we can create communities by bringing people together to support common causes. This is what I feel the Live Love Serve Foundation does in part with CBI. I am grateful to be a part of Camp Thunderbird and the CBI Live Love Serve Committee and to have the opportunity to lead by helping others each and every day.
Clint is a true leader at CBI and in his community. We are thrilled to have him as part of our team and inspired by his service on a regular basis. Find out more about Camp Thunderbird and the Live Love Serve Foundation, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Clint if you are interested in supporting either of these organizations.