Leadership in Action: Madelen Salter Demonstrates True Leadership in the Jacksonville Community

Madelen Salter is the Market Leader in CBI’s Jacksonville location and has been an instrumental part of the Jacksonville team for the past 5 years. Madelen regularly demonstrates leadership in her professional life by mentoring other team members, working with clients and partners to provide innovative solutions for their workplace needs and collaborating with other CBI locations to ensure corporate alignment. 

While Madelen has proven herself as a key leader at CBI, she also regularly demonstrates leadership in her community by serving in active roles for many industry and charitable organizations. We spoke with Madelen about the organizations where she gives her time and learned more about what inspires her to serve. See her story below. 

Q: What is your involvement in your local community? 
Madelen: Throughout the course of my life, I have always been an active participant in serving my community, and I’ve given my time to many different organizations. Most recently, I spend my time supporting the IIDA North Florida, the North Florida Red Cross and a non-profit ministry called Bring Your Brokenness

Growing up I had the opportunity to observe my parents actively and often quietly in service-work. Watching them made a profound impact on the value of serving others. At an early age, I knew that I wanted to be an active participant in serving my community. I was fortunate to work alongside many philanthropists in my high school and college years. Now, one of my greatest joys is to see a need and act on meeting that need. I have gathered and led many people to be part of meeting the needs of others, whether it be hurricane relief or involving youth girls in our local community. Currently, I am an active board member of a non-profit ministry called Bring Your Brokenness and am serving my second term on the Board for North Florida Red Cross.

Q: The IIDA is an industry organization that a lot of our followers are familiar with. Tell us a little bit more about your involvement with it. 
Madelen: Yes, the IIDA is a commercial interior design association with global reach. It supports design professionals, industry affiliates, educators, students, firms, and their clients through a network of 15,000+ members across 58 countries. The North Florida Chapter supports the mission of enhancing quality of life through excellence in design while also advancing Interior Design as a profession. Our Chapter has two City Centers, located in Jacksonville and Gainesville.

Last year, I completed a 3-year term on the Board of Directors for the North Florida IIDA. In my role, as VP of Professional Development, I facilitated CEU opportunities and other trainings for our members and worked to support and promote the overall mission of the IIDA in our area. One accomplishment I achieved with fellow board members, was the creation and implementation a local program called Design Connects. Design Connects was built to connect designers in our industry group with local organizations to meet needs of our community. We have worked with organizations like Dreams Come True, the Tesori Foundation and more. 

Q: It sounds like you were able to foster some great relationships within the IIDA. What about your participation with the Red Cross? 
Madelen: The American Red Cross North Florida Region serves approximately 3.8 million residents in 35 counties. The region includes the Northeast Florida, Capital Area & Northwest Florida chapters, and we are a little bit different than the Red Cross in other states. In North Florida, our focus is on supporting residents in the area who have lost their homes due to disasters, house fires, etc. I learned about the Red Cross and its mission in North Florida by a client of ours who I had gotten to know through several CBI projects. They invited me to sit on the Board of Directors, and my focus is on recruiting new Board members while planning one of our largest fundraisers which is an annual golf tournament each year.  

Q: And what is Bring Your Brokenness? 
Madelen: Bring Your Brokenness is where I am spending most of my time these days. Bring Your Brokenness is an extraordinary organization committed to providing a safe and loving environment for those recovering from eating disorders. I serve on the Board of Directors and work closely with the Founder, Amie Shields who is a fantastic individual and a survivor of anorexia nervosa herself. Amie’s vision for Bring Your Brokenness is to be able to offer individual support to those in recovery while also encouraging those in the program to look to Christ Jesus for guidance. 

I spend my time doing everything from grass roots campaigning to promote awareness and fundraising to literally collecting donated items that might be able to furnish our new residential facility. The organization has had an amazing year with one of our key accomplishments being that we were able to purchase a home that will serve as a new residential treatment facility for many individuals seeking recovery.

Q: Wow, what a unique organization. It sounds like you are truly passionate about helping others in your community. Tell us, what inspires you to give so much of your time and to give back? 
Madelen: The reason I give back to my local community is my faith, and I believe that we should always be looking for ways to love and support others. My heart’s desire is to have a positive impact, even if in a small way. I want to do more than what is asked of me, and I want to serve others and help meet their needs when they cannot. I don’t think people realize how much of an impact you can have on someone with one small gesture or one moment of your time. During my time in service work, I have learned that many people want to connect to meet the needs of others but so often don’t know where or how. That has fueled me to lead in my community by making needs known and asking others to join in helping us meet them. It is amazing the joy that is experienced on both sides. Once we open our hearts to giving of ourselves, we can truly experience the profound and remarkable impact that can be made. We just have to lean into the people around us.

Q: You are truly inspiring Madelen. Are there any other organizations in which you give your time? 
Madelen: Some additional organizations I actively support include: Dreams Come True, which is a  wish granting organization in Jacksonville, Florida, dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses; ReThreaded, an organization that sell hand crafted leather goods made by survivors of human trafficking; and Hugs Across the Country, a non-profit with the mission of raising awareness about student poverty in our community.

As for CBI Jacksonville, we are a member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and I am in the Leadership Jacksonville Group of 2021. I also have gratefully been awarded the CBI Live Love Serve award for the second year in a row.  


CBI is proud to have Madelen’s leadership in the Jacksonville market. She is truly a Leader in Action in everything that she does and is fully committed to living out our Live Love Serve Philosophy.