CBI and Knoll South Florida Embrace a “New Year, New You” in Partnership with the IIDA

Pictured Top: Jorge Miralles (CBI), Sean Rudin (CBI) Pictured Bottom: Daniel Valewink (Muuto), Carolyn Mendoza (Knoll), Jorge Miralles (CBI), Sean Rudin (CBI), Chelsey Velozo (Knoll)

CBI and Knoll South Florida recently participated in the IIDA South Florida Chapter’s “New Year, New You,” a community wide event with the goal of supporting IIDA members in both their professional and personal development achievements.  “New Year, New You” was held at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and offered attendees experiences like a headshot clinic, life hack workshops and panels, wellness activities, keynote speakers and networking opportunities.

“New Year, New You” was the first in-person event the IIDA South Florida Chapter has hosted since the start of COVID-19 and every precaution was taken. Upon entry, all attendees received a mask and hand sanitizer in their welcome bags and had their temperatures taken upon arrival. Registration was capped at a select number of attendees and the event space was set-up to maximize social distancing and personal space. 

CBI’s own Sean Rudin was on the committee for the event and was heavily involved in the planning. Sean says, “Our goal for ‘New Year, New You’ was to help fellow IIDA members and industry professionals discover how they can achieve the best versions of themselves in 2021. It’s been such a chaotic year for many, we wanted to do something to promote positivity, professional growth and wellness while getting together in a safe, responsible way.”

Jorge Miralles of CBI, Michael Perez of Knoll and Daniel Valewink of Muuto were featured as panelists at the event. Key topics that participants heard about throughout the weekend included the importance of bringing health and wellness into the design community, balancing demanding job responsibilities with family and personal goals, and tips for automating and delegating to become more efficient. 

Jorge said, “It was really encouraging to participate in this function hosted by the IIDA. After a year of virtual engagements, this was the perfect opportunity to begin rebuilding connections with clients, coalition partners and design partners in the community.” 

Attendees of “New Year, New You” left the event feeling advanced both professionally and personally while kicking off their year in a positive and mindful way. Learn more about the IIDA South Florida and other professional opportunities they have planned for this year by visiting https://www.iidasfc.org/.