Our Partnerships | Falkbuilt


CBI offers its clients innovative solutions in digital component construction. Our Interior Construction Team works with our clients to create customizable, sustainable, and architectural interior solutions to meet their business needs and integrate seamlessly into their work environments.

CBI partners with Falkbuilt who a pioneer in Digital Component Construction. Our manufacturing interior construction partner offers products that follow the same onsite building process used in conventional construction but with far fewer materials, a faster schedule, and virtually no waste on the job site. Falkbuilt manufactures digital components in the factory and delivers them onsite for a fast, efficient, and clean installation. They have endless design options, infection control and superior acoustics, and unlike drywall Falkbuilt solutions, can be re-purposed to suite our clients' changing business needs. CBI and Falkbuilt partner to serve businesses in all industries including commercial, educational, healthcare, government and retail markets.