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Why I’m excited about the MillerKnoll Collective of Brands

By Charlis Brock, Chief Operating Officer, CBI 

Like many in our industry, I’m thrilled about Herman Miller and Knoll combining as one company to create an exclusive collective of brands that will revitalize any workplace.  
As a leading MillerKnoll Certified Dealer, CBI will help shape the industry by leveraging the best of Knoll and Herman Miller to provide new, innovative, and dynamic products and services to our clients. 

Industry Shaping Convergence of Two Powerful Design Brands 
Herman Miller and Knoll have been iconic brands in the furniture industry for decades, and by becoming one they created an impressive collective of brands that represent more than 100 years of design research. The MillerKnoll brand collective comes together to design the world we live in by forming an unparalleled platform for building a more sustainable, caring, equitable and beautiful world. As a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer, CBI now offers our clients and partners access to more workplace solutions that support their business objectives with an enhanced product portfolio featuring the same iconic brands you’ve always known and loved. 

Leveraging the Best of Both Knoll & Herman Miller 
MillerKnoll is a collective of dynamic brands that comes together to create spaces that help us live and work better. MillerKnoll takes the best, most well-known brands from Herman Miller and Knoll and offers a product portfolio that gives our clients thousands of options. From walls, textiles, and accessories to technology support tools, worksurfaces, tables, soundproof booths, and more, MillerKnoll gives CBI the ability to offer our clients more product choices, more innovation, and better services throughout the entire collective of brands. 

Single Source Support for Multiple Brands 
MillerKnoll, is the engine that powers all the brands, leveraging operations and infrastructure across the organization and allowing brands to focus on their respective strengths and differentiators. CBI serves as our clients’ single source for brands, products and solutions and works with them to create workplace strategies that support their unique business objectives. 

Simplified Design Processes and Increased Buying Power for Clients 
Most importantly, the new MillerKnoll model allows for a more simplified design process for CBI while increasing buying power for our clients. MillerKnoll and CBI are working together to take on the biggest challenges facing our clients and the global community and are pushing design forward to build a better future in workplace. 

I am extremely excited about beginning to introduce the Miller Knoll collective of brands to our clients and continuing to push the envelope in workplace design.