Why Wednesday?

The MillerKnoll Collective of Brands Brings Innovation to Healthcare


By Ardriana Wade, Director of Marketing, CBI


Over the last few years, healthcare environments have become more and more complex as organizations consider patient and family needs, staff preferences, infection control and more when designing their space. It is often a challenge to strike the right tone of warmth and comfort in healthcare design while also supporting the technology, innovation, and quality standards that healthcare organizations are often held to.  

Herman Miller and Knoll have been serving the healthcare industry individually for years, and now, with the creation of MillerKnoll, they are bringing their portfolio of healthcare products together to provide even more for their customers. MillerKnoll strives to offer healthcare providers solutions that facilitate seamless and efficient processes, provide environments that offer safe and positive experiences for staff, patients and guests and enable providers to deliver great care no matter the circumstances. 

MillerKnoll’s extensive healthcare solutions offers clients: 

  • Increased Speed to Market: MillerKnoll’s Diverse portfolio enables single sourcing. This saves time and reduces complexity which ultimately allows facilities to open faster and generate revenue sooner.
  • Optimized Investment: MillerKnoll’s dynamic products are flexible and mobile. We know that often spaces are used for multiple purposes, for example an exam room may double as a consultation room, while a clinical space may double as a waiting room. MillerKnoll’s products allow for change and help healthcare clients deliver consistent standards and excellent care. 
  • Elevated Experiences: MillerKnoll’s human-centered approach and insights into people, process and place helps our clients drive results that satisfy patients and set-up healthcare providers for success. 

CBI and MillerKnoll partner together to bring healthcare organizations the most superior products and services in the industry. We work with our clients to understand their needs and plan their environments that achieve exemplary patient experiences while still meeting their financial objectives. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization deliver innovation in healthcare.