Why Wednesday?

Industry leading innovation.

By John Kline, Vice President Strategic Solutions, CBI

It's safe to say that the design industry wouldn’t be what it is today without the influence of Herman Miller and Knoll's long history of innovation and their commitment to understanding people and how they work.  

With the merging of these two iconic brands, I am most excited about their human-centered approach to design and their point-of-view on the future of work. Each bringing decades of research, knowledge, and tools that will complement CBI's existing capabilities in workplace strategy and transformation and enhance our ability to create high performing workplaces where people want to be.     

For nearly 30 years, CBI has acted as a trusted advisor to our clients and understands the critical role space plays in an organization's success. We believe that good design is good business and that the built environment, when leveraged correctly, can have a profound and positive effect on people, process, and our clients business.  

This guiding principle is truer now more than ever, as organizations are looking to navigate the evolution of the physical workplace and the hybrid model of distributed work. CBI and MillerKnoll are uniquely positioned to provide a wealth of insights, products, and services to help our clients examine how people work, explore possibilities for the future, and help create a spaces and experiences where people and business can thrive. Together we can help:  

Envision: Connecting decades of research and knowledge to help organizations envision what the future of their workplace could be.  

Explore: Using data and applied research, we establish benchmarks for how space is performing - for people and for the business.  

Evolve: Once a plan is in place, we work with our client's to achieve their goals and navigate cultural change. 

As we look to the future, I am excited about the opportunity that we have to help organizations rethink the workplace into a destination that is inclusive, desirable, and adaptable for all employees.